Budget Battle – Mickey D. vs. The Groceries!

First, please welcome . . . world famous Mickey D!

Known far and wide for a big smile, big shoes, and big calories (plus all sorts of other controversial topics), Mickey D has been a winner of big buck$ for many years. But no shame here – if you’ve decided to take Mickey D out for lunch, that’s okay by me (I have done the same now and then, for sure!). *

In this corner we have the classic combo #1, for $7.13.

(This is commonly considered as one meal for one person.)

Picture of a meal at McDonald's, showing hamberger, fries and a drink.

Next, direct your attention to . . . . The Groceries!

A former champion fallen on hard times and scorned by many, The Groceries have recently been making a comeback, one smart dollar at a time.

In this corner, we have groceries purchased for $7.13.

Kroger receipt for $7.13

Yes, that’s right, two receipts for the exact same amount.

(Extra thanks to the self-check-out employees at Kroger on North Street for their kind and patient customer service as they helped me get the onions to exactly the right weight so this post could work out perfectly. )

For the fast food meal, I could not figure out any other photos to take. I bought it, I ate it, (it was yummy!) and that was that. To calculate nutritional info for this meal, or others, please visit their main nutritional website here.

For the buy-groceries-and-cook-at-home meal, read on for more details.

Here’s what I bought!

picture of groceries, potatoes, peppers, onions, and sausage
bag of potatoes for 2.49
green pepper for 59 cents
Yellow peppers with a price for 88 cents

About the kielbasa and onions, I forgot to take a picture of those price tags, but you can see their price in the receipt shown above.

So then I brought home the groceries and made this huge pile of food! I served 4 people today for brunch and had 4 servings leftover, either for second helpings now or for lunches this week = total 8 servings.

table set for four people
serving bowl
plate of food

I sliced the peppers carefully so that each plate could have a decorative topping to add beauty to the plate. The rest of the peppers were chopped up small and added to the pan to cook with the other ingredients.


For the fast food meal – $7.13 / 1 serving = $7.13 per serving

For the cook-at-home meal, $7.13 / 8 servings = 89 cents per serving

More cheap meal ideas here:

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This post is purely for my entertainment and encouragement, but it’s okay with me if you want to enjoy it, too. No affiliate links to click and nothing to buy.

All food purchased in Nacogdoches in October 2019. Prices definitely will change. No guarantees.

I don’t hate McDonalds, sometimes it’s just what I want and I eat it right up. Nonetheless, it is both cheaper and healthier to avoid fast food as often as possible, so that’s what I try to do. I encourage you to invite The Groceries into your home, too. 🙂

Free PDF Cookbook download here:

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