Warrant Forgiveness (Feb 15 – April 15)

The Nacogdoches Municipal Court is offering a warrant forgiveness program. Through this program, all warrant fees will be removed when a citizen voluntarily contacts the court to pay a minimum of one-half the total amount due and start a payment plan for the balance owed. Anyone that chooses to pay their fine and court costs in full will save an additional 20% off the fine amount. The court will also offer assistance to individuals that may not be able to pay half down or pay in full to work out an agreeable action plan. This program will be available February 15th through April 15th. Anyone that comes to the court to resolve their outstanding warrants will be given safe harbor.

To take advantage of the warrant forgiveness program, please contact the court:

* Telephone (936-559-2641)
* Email (mcourt@nactx.us)
* In person at 217 W. Hospital Street