Hot Soup on a Rainy Night

(This meal was sourced entirely from Dollar Tree in Nacogdoches.)
(cost per meal = 95 cents)

It was a dark and windy evening and about to rain . . . soup and bread seemed like the perfect meal for a cozy supper tonight.

Vegetable Beef Soup
French Baguette
Raspberry Sherbet
Fudge Mint Cookie

There are many different options for soup. There were at least four brands of things like “beefy vegetable” or “vegetable beef” and I choose this particular brand for no particular reason other than I liked the picture on the can. They also have several chicken options, chicken & veggie, chicken & noodle, hearty chicken, etc, plus our old standby of classic Tomato.

This soup was indeed very thick – it would work fine to add a little more water and maybe an extra can of of beans or corn, if you’d like to extend it even further.


French Baguettes – such a fancy name adds a special fancy feeling to the meal, and I think meal time is about a lot more than just re-fueling the tank (at least most of the time, anyway). Emotional connection and a pleasant experience matter a lot.

These breads were the item that inspired this whole meal. They caught my eye and I thought they looked perfect to cut into four pieces and then it was a quick jump to add soup with them.

These needed about 6 minutes in a hot oven and they were great just like that, right out of the package. You might also add a bit of butter or garlic powder, perhaps?

I think they will also work beautifully sliced in half again, longways, and used like garlic bread with spaghetti or lasagna, or perhaps sliced in rounds, to make dipper chips for hummus, pimiento cheese or tuna salad? So many options to try!

I have always loved sherbet and still do.

I used raspberry tonight, but Dollar Tree also has orange sherbet available.
(We have both in the freezer right now!)


I added the cookie just as a little bonus at the side of the sherbet, to look pretty and add another special touch to the dessert.

These cookies tasted just like their packaging implies they might. I think they would work just fine in any recipe that calls for a different brand of similar cookies in similar packaging.

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