The City of Nacogdoches has hundreds of acres of Parks in all parts of town. There is also a Nacogdoches Parks Advocacy League (PAL) to support our park system.  Pack up your picnic and enjoy a relaxing afternoon with a book or watch the kids on the playground or play disc golf with older teens and adults – there’s something for everyone!

Visit Nac PAL here.

Nacogdoches County also has numerous parks.

Parks in the City

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Banita Creek Park North – best for rollerskating or walking (paved sidewalk)

Banita Creek Park South – best for basketball

Dog Park – best for dogs

Eugenia Stern Park – great site for weddings & bat-watching at dusk

Kiwanis Park – great for family picnic

Lakeside Park – best for casual fishing

Splash Kingdom Nacogdoches – scheduled to open in summer of 2015

Pecan Acres Park – disc golf, harvest pecans & more



Festival Park

4 Acres on South Pecan Street

This is a popular venue for all types of festivals and events throughout the year. It is also a large grassy area that is great for flying kites. Right across the street is a basketball court with 4 goals, 1 pavilion, picnic tables, restrooms and a parking area.


Maroney Park

Address: 2110 Maroney Drive (17.5 acres)

The “community built playground” at Maroney Park is the best choice in town for toddlers or other young children who will tend to wander off because the whole playground area is fenced in. This is a great park with many places to climb and explore for all ages and is a good choice for groups that have mixed ages of children. Near the park are four lighted tennis courts, a jogging-exercise trail, basketball goals, picnic tables and a large parking lot. It is recommended that you visit your restroom facilities at home before arriving at the park, although there is a portable toilet available, for emergencies.

Pioneer Park

Address: 501 Lenwood Street (30 acres)

Group pavilions, picnic tables, playground equipment, charcoal grills, softball practice field, basketball goal, volleyball court, open playfield, restroom and parking area. Pioneer Park is recommended for families or other large groups during the daytime. Visiting the park in the evening or at night is not recommended, especially for individuals.

Mill Pond Park

26 Acres on Fore St.

Basketball pad with 4 goals, playground equipment, group pavilion and restroom facilities.

Woden Road Park

14 Acres on Woden Rd.

Group pavilion, picnic tables, baseball practice field, bar-b-que pit and playground equipment. Lighted covered basketball court, paved access road and additional playground equipment.

Blount Park

1 Acre on Mound St.

Scenic neighborhood park including flower beds, garden, gazebo and drinking fountain.

Temple Park

1 Acre on 1100 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Spraystation, parking facilities. There’s no much shade here, so be sure to bring your hat and sunscreen!

Ritchie Street Park

6 Acres on Ritchie St.

Baseball practice field, landscaping and playground equipment.

Banita Creek Park South (Kiwanis)

7 Acres on S. Fredonia

Pavilion, picnic tables and playground equipment.

Lake Nacogdoches East Side Park

3 Acres at Lake Nacogdoches

Picnic tables, swimming area, boat ramp, restroom, bar-b-que pits and parking area.

Lake Nacogdoches West Side Park

40 Acres at Lake Nacogdoches

3 large group pavilions, picnic tables, charcoal grills, swimming area, boat ramp, handicap fishing & boat dock, playground equipment, restrooms, nature-hiking trail and parking areas.

Liberty Hall / el Camino Real

1.5 Acres on East Main St.

Beginning of Lanana Creek Trail, historical building used for rentals and parking area.

Nacogdoches Baseball Complex

31 Acres on NW Loop 224

6 baseball fields (5 lighted), covered bleachers and team areas, concession stand, restrooms and parking facilities.

Pete Smith Athletic Complex

18 Acres on NW Loop 224

4 lighted softball fields, covered team, covered bleachers, parking area, concession and restroom facilities.

Coy Simms Softball Complex

16.5 Acres on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

4 lighted softball fields and bleachers used by the Nacogdoches Youth Softball Association and the SFA Softball Program. Playground equipment, concession stand area, restrooms, water fountain and parking area.

Soccer Complex

24 Acres on Pilar St.@Ruff

15 soccer fields (1 lighted), pavilion, exercise trail and bleachers. Used by the Nacogdoches Soccer Associations.


100 Acres (10 developed) on 727 FM 3314 (Old Tyler Rd.)

2 Adult soccer fields, parking area, Model Airplane runway area.

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