Celebrate Diversity Community Rally



Celebrate Diversity, Celebrate Community at the rally event planned for Saturday, November 8th in downtown Nacogdoches.

Bring a friend (or several) and meet a lot of new ones as a group gathers to help spread the word about one of the most positive aspects of the Nacogdoches community – diversity. Through many, one, and let’s stand up and speak out for a positive, welcoming, and vibrant community where everyone feels welcome.


3:30 at the Courthouse, bring your own positive-message sign as the group will spread out through downtown and on North Street & Main Streets to show our support.

5:00 (ish) – Walk to Eugenia Stern Park for a candle-light (or candle-app) vigil, with time for special speakers Dr. Paul Sandul, Reverend Leonard Sweat and Joanna Lovejoy and others.

Refreshments are not planned, so please feel welcome to bring your own snacks to stay refreshed during the event. (no alcohol, please).

Family-friendly, pets on leash, all that good stuff.

For final details and other info, please find the rally on Facebook at

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Early Voting Info

Vote now and you’ll avoid the rush and long lines and potential delays at the voting box on November 4, 2014. Why wait? Vote today!flags300

Early voting is ready and waiting for you at the Nacogdoches Courthouse Annex at 203 W. Main Street, Room 113.


8-5, Monday to Friday (Oct 20-24)

Noon to 5:00 on Sunday, (Oct. 26)

8-5, Monday – Wednesday (Oct. 27-29)

7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday & Friday (30th and 31st)

Saturday, October 25 – office closed, no early voting today

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