Lakeside Park

lakeside park

Address: 4800 North Pearl Street (6 acres)

Amazingly close to Walmart, actually, so you can pick up some worms for fish bait before you go to the park, if needed.

This is a quiet park (except for the geese) in a neighborhood area and is the perfect place for some quick fishing with the kids while you are in town. Conveniently located near Walmart and many other shopping and dining opportunities, it’s a good place to stop before or after your other errands, if kids need a chance to run around for a few minutes or you just want some quiet time to sit on a bench and collect your thoughts.

This park features a pond that is stocked annually with trout and fishing is allowed all year (the usual fishing licenses are required). There are some benches and picnic tables and a small area of playground equipment suitable for the youngest children. There are geese at this park that sometimes can try to be aggressive. They are easily shooed away with a gesture and some stern words, but the youngest children may feel a little nervous around them at first. It is not recommended to try to feed these particular geese.

Benches and some limited playground equipment.

No restrooms at this park.