Time to Vote!

It’s that time again, when we have the chance to influence our local community and let our desires be known, but in a peaceful and nonviolent way. All across the world are dying, literally, as they struggle to get this opportunity that we sometimes take for granted. Indeed, people sacrificing their lives so that someone else can vote is by no means a far-distant memory even here, either (or at least it shouldn’t be).

Honor those who came before so you can have this opportunity today – get out & vote!

Early voting is already going this week. Voter turnout is expected to be higher than usual, so it’s an especially good time to learn how to attend “early voting” and see how much more pleasant your voting experience can by when you use this fantastic option. Beat the crowd – vote this week!

The Nacogdoches ISD bond issue is a key item on the ballot this time. There are many reasons both FOR and AGAINST the bond issue, and all have some merit and a bit of the truth of the greater picture.

It would be hard to disagree that the Nac schools are as safe as they could be. Open walkways, unfenced areas, classrooms un-attached, all of these issues and more do need to be corrected, and quickly.

Infrastructure is also struggling, and urgent updates are needed in many areas. Even things as basic as paint or chairs all cost money.

Any piece of equipment eventually wears out and a building is no different. Some of our local schools are fast approaching 50+ years old. There’s only so many times you can “update” before a new building really is necessary.

On the other hand, it’s just as important to consider some points on the other side. The current proposal is for 58 million dollars, approximately, which indeed is a huge number. Another bond issue is still current and the school district already has quite a bit of outstanding debt. Is it wise to take on even more debt, and so much? It’s a fair question to ask, especially when tax rates must go up to repay the debt, with interest, of course!

As you are considering how you’d like to vote, there are two especially good places to go for a comprehensive look at more of the issues and information related to the bond proposal.

Nac ISD website – FAQs about the bond proposal here

Daily Sentinel Newspaper – the Sunday paper had a long article about the bond issue and also about the candidates for the school board position, with interviews with each candidate, very informative article, thanks!