Father Nature is not pleased! (Feb. 14)

The mysterious and magical world of Ya’Ria comes to life in Live Action Role Play (LARP) adventures with Sovereign Scrolls LARP group. You can visit with wizards and healers, warriors and druids, and many other fascinating members of the village that springs to life each month in Woodville, Texas, just about an hour’s drive from Nacogdoches. Participants wearing uniquely costumed garb travel the woods in search of adventure and treasure, using foam covered boffer weapons to slay those who need it.

EVENT DATE: Feb. 14-16, 2014
COST: Varies

Sovereign Scrolls usually meets one weekend a month, and sometimes more often. They also have an informative website and an active Facebook page.

Sovereign Scrolls website here.
It’s highly recommend to read as much as you can before your first event.


Click here to meet Fitz, the official armorer for Sovereign Scrolls.