Skate-o-rama Update

If you have not been rollerskating at Skatorama logoSkate-o-rama in Nacogdoches for awhile, I would recommend visiting them again now. The renovations by the new owners are completed and the whole place has been completely remodeled and is absolutely fabulous!

Highlights – new carpet (bright and colorful), new ticket booth, new snack bar area (a lot more seating now), new wall around the skate floor, new decorations on the walls, new locker area, everything is just new, New, NEW!

Give roller skating a try for a refreshingly different type of night on the town. It’s cheaper than a movie or a bar, and healthier for you, too. Enjoy!

Skate-o-rama is also available for private parties and other events by arranging in advance.


(Please note – all are subject to change, because the schedule may change, depending on other things going on in town. For example, during football season, Friday night is not usually available for skating.)

Please contact Skatorama directly for the most updated rates and schedule.

Skate-o-rama Website Here.

Sample / Approximate Schedule & Rates

Skate rental is not included in admission cost.
Skate rental is $3.00.

12-7 p.m. is $6.00
8-11 p.m. is $7.00

12:30- 5:00 is $5

Golden games for your golden years

“Games for Seniors” is a monthly event hosted by the Nacogdoches Public Library for senior citizens who want to get together for casual social fun in a relaxed environment with some friendly competition. The Library provides the perfect setting for card games such as spades, or dominoes, or other games you might enjoy.

Dates: 3rd Tuesday of each month

Time: 2:00 p.m.

What to Bring? Bring a friend! Or, you’re sure to meet some new ones, as well.

More info – call the Library – 936-559-2970.