Christian Prepping Workshop

“The Noah Project” will host a free seminar about Christian prepping on February 7, 2015. When we look around the world, or even close to home, it’s easy to feel helpless with wars and other crimes raging out of control, natural weather events getting increasingly extreme and the moral fiber of many continuing to fray. There’s a lot you personally can do, though, to help prepare you, your family, your neighborhood and your wider community for troubled times ahead.

Please see event details here.

Food Manager certification training class

Even the names of foodborne illnesses sound scary & awful. Terms like Cryptosporidiosis, Amebiasis, Campylobacteriosis and Vibrio Infections are enough to inspire anyone to want to learn more about food safety and how to protect yourself, your family, your clients and your customers from illness caused by unsafe handling of food.

Texas A & M is ready to help.

Course Name: “Food Safety: It’s our Business”

Offered by: Texas A & M AgriLife Extension Service

Class location: Nacogdoches County Extension Office (near the courthouse)

Fee: $125 (valid Driver’s License is also required)

Re-test fee: $40

Certificate: Food Manager Certification (valid for 5 years)
Enrollment in the class does not guarantee you will pass the test or receive your certificate.

The fee includes all materials and the testing packet.Study materials available after you have paid the fee.