Kiwanis Park

This is one of the better places in town for young children and small family groups. There is limited playground equipment and it’s easy to keep an eye on your children while they play. Do be careful to pay close attention as the playground area is not fenced. There is also a creek nearby that is fun to take a look at when the grass is mowed (which is usually). The creek is usually shallow but will flood when it rains. This park has 3 regular swings, 1 baby/toddler swing, a tire swing, a climbing area with slide, and a shelter with picnic tables. This is also a good park to visit for harvest time during both pecan and pear season. Tasty!

PROBLEM: no restrooms here.
SOLUTION: City of Nacogdoches Visitor’s Center is only about 3 blocks away (close enough to walk) and they have very fabulous restrooms.

PROBLEM: Limited Parking (only 4 parking places)
SOLUTION: Most people don’t seem to know about this park, so these spots are usually open. Also, there is a parking lot very near, in the downtown area.